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Missions Discipleship

Contact: Rebecca Lee Riddle ✉️

Missions discipleship is for everyone— from preschoolers to adults. We provide groups for all ages designed to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission,  including Women on Mission, Acteens, Children’s Missions, and Preschool Missions, all described below.

We invite you to discover an active, authentic faith through our biblically sound learning opportunities and meaningful missions experiences.


Women on Mission

Contact: Sharon Atchley ✉️

Women on Mission is a missions discipleship group designed to equip adult women to become active disciples of Christ as they live on mission for Him.

Women on Mission members seek to live out missions through missions projects, ministries, prayer, giving, and Bible study. The purpose of the organization is to provide every person with the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

Through Women on Mission, women:

    • Learn about missions around the world and in North America
    • Pray for the nations to hear of God’s love and for the missionaries who serve Him
    • Give to missions offerings and through the Cooperative Program
    • Do missions by sharing Christ with others


Contact: Rebecca Lee Riddle ✉️

Missions discipleship for teenage girls guides them to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry. What happens in missions discipleship doesn’t just stay within the walls of the church; girls are challenged to live their lives openly for Christ in a very authentic and influential way. They grow to see that God can use them every day in countless ways to change their world.

    • Learn about missions
    • Pray for missions
    • Give to missions
    • Be on mission for Jesus Christ.

Children’s Missions

Contact: Rebecca Lee Riddle ✉️

Children love to share God’s love. And, children love to learn by doing. Through missions discipleship, children learn to share His love in multiple ways, from collecting school supplies for back-to-school backpacks to passing out water at sports events, from taking a meal to a homebound community member to even sharing a smile or a prayer with someone who needs it.

You can teach children about missions by helping them:

    • Learn about missions
    • Pray for missions
    • Give to missions
    • Do missions
    • Participate in the work of the church

Preschool Missions

Contact: Rebecca Lee Riddle ✉️

Mission Friends is the missions discipleship group for preschoolers from age 3 through kindergarten. In Mission Friends, preschoolers develop a missions heart as they move from a focus on themselves to a focus on others. Preschoolers grow toward God as they become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love.