Free Oil Changes for Single Moms and Widows

Single Moms, Widows, & Active Duty Military Wives

A Ministry of Round Lick Baptist Church

What We Offer

It’s not easy parenting alone. We would like to ease your load a little by changing your oil for free of charge. No strings attached! We will also complete an overall saftey check including checking your tire pressure and topping off your wiper fluid.

Where We Are Located

We are located on the Watertown public square in the former City Hall building. The address is 210 Public Square in Watertown, Tennessee. Just make an appointment and bring your car in at your pre-arranged time and our experienced volunteers will change your oil for free.

What We Do

Change oil and oil filters

Check air filter

Check tire air pressure

Top off wiper fluid

Clean windshield

Vacuum front seat floors

How do you know if your vehicle needs an oil change?

Treating your vehicle to regular oil changes is one of the most significant ways to help extend the life of your engine and enhance its operating performance. Following the recommended oil change interval for your car will help prevent excessive engine wear and tear, plus optimize your engine’s performance level. Fresh, clean oil keeps the engine lubricated as well as protects it against overheating. Extending the time interval between oil changes can lead to costly engine repair.

So how do you know when your car needs an oil change? Over time, oil deteriorates and loses its effectiveness. If you start to experience one or more of the warning signs below, it’s time for an oil change!

Oil is dark and dirty – Clean oil is an amber color and you should be able to see the dipstick through the oil. Over time, the oil gets dirty and darkens from the particles it collects from the engine.

Loud and noisy engine – You may start to hear knocking, rumbling, and even roaring coming from the engine. The oil is not lubricating parts as well as it should.

Oil change warning light comes on – An illuminated oil change light on the dash panel indicates that the oil level is too low. You may get by with adding a quart or two of oil but if the oil is dark, it’s time to change the oil.

Smoke from the Muffler – If you notice smoke coming from the muffler (not the translucent vapor in cold temperatures), there could be an oil leak or faulty parts in the engine.

Smell of Oil – This could mean that oil is leaking. If the smell is mixed with the smell of gas or exhaust fumes, your vehicle is probably overheating and oil is burning in the exhaust area. This can cause serious engine damage or even ignite a fire.

We Love Watertown!

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